|I’d Still Choose You|

The higher you are, the harder you fall,and oh baby, did I fall hard.I let you in without a second thought,and you shook up my world. I’ve shared with you my hopes and dreams,let you in on the things that hurt the most.You know my strengths and my biggest insecuritiesand secrets, I’ve prayed to take... Continue Reading →

|Working Through Struggles|

Loving yourself into health is a journey. Sometimes you will reach landmarks and sometimes you will stumble, but most importantly you just need to keep going. Last week, was a rough week for me. I’ll be honest I came up with a lot of excuses, like it was too cold to walk, or I didn’t... Continue Reading →

|You Don’t See Me|

I see you, but you don’t see me, not the real me. You see the me that I allow you to see… The me with the fake smiles and the sarcasm that helps me guard my fragile heart. I see you, but you don’t see me, not the real me. You see the me that... Continue Reading →


I am so proud of the person you have become. I’m proud of you for working through the hurt of feeling unworthy and not enough for people you felt were important in your life. I proud of you for working through your anger, though the journey was hard, you have learned to respond instead of... Continue Reading →


I've started this post so many times and so many different ways. But nothing really flowed and then tonight on my walk, I suppose it kind of hit me what I wanted to share as this post is about growing even when it's hard. I grew up going to church first with my mom and... Continue Reading →

|Pumpkin Patch|

As Gabe gets older, we are able to do new and more things. This weekend Gabe got to experience his first pumpkin patch with his best friend (his cousin). It may have been freezing outside, thanks to the wind. However, the boys had a blast. Who would have thought that a five and two year... Continue Reading →

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