| Changing My Mindset |

• I have lost 41 lbs.• I have gone down 2 shirt sizes.• I have gone down 3 pant sizes.• I feel better.• I move better.• I breathe better. …but I still struggle. I still struggle to see the progress when I look in the mirror. I still struggle to believe all the things I... Continue Reading →


With 2020, just around the corner I wanted to take some time to write out my goals for the next year. I'm really excited about what's in store and I'm excited to be giving myself the opportunity to grow. I'm focusing on three areas faith, health, and personal growth. The first area is my faith... Continue Reading →

Here I stand staring down the long road, feeling exhausted, broken, and lonely but I'm here, still standing still believing in all Your promises. When I am weary and burdened, and have lost all hope, You are there. When I start to stumble and lose strength, You are there, renewing my spirit. When I'm broken,... Continue Reading →

|Creating Me.|

I've been hooked on this song recently. It is by Old Dominion No Such Thing As A Broken Heart. It talks about loving like there is no such thing as a broken heart. Wouldn't that be great if you could do that? You wouldn't put walls up and become guarded. You wouldn't become jaded when... Continue Reading →

|Being Authentic|

This thought has been brewing in my mind lately about what can I do to be a better person, to be a better Christ-Follower and it dawned on me that even though I’m living in a time of social media and selfies I need to learn to be more authentic. It's okay to let people... Continue Reading →

|Becoming Wrecked.|

You ever have those moments in life where you just break?  You tell yourself you are fine and that you are strong. For awhile this is true, or at least you portray it to be true, but then something happens and everything comes crashing to the surface at once and you become undone. That was... Continue Reading →

|He Calls Me Mama|

  It's the way he lights up when I open my eyes in the morning. He gives me that toothy grin before he comes in strong with a headbutt to the chest. Because he hasn't quite figured out how to give hugs. That smile he gets when I walk in the door after work, so happy I'm... Continue Reading →

|A Mother’s Love|

You held me when I was younger, Comforting me, in your safe arms. You had sleepless nights Aggravating mornings and Afternoons that seem to last forever. And I had a mother’s love. As I grew, I became a terrible two, Getting into everything and anything As long as your back was turned, it was fair... Continue Reading →

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