|No Excuses|

I'm probably the queen of excuses, which is why being healthy can be a challenge for me. I'm quick to talk myself out of things and allow my mind to get the best of me. However, I'm happy to report that didn't happen today! I showed up and did my thirty minute walk in the... Continue Reading →

|Learning To Be Healthy|

Day in and day out I go about my business stressing over work and my  personal life. I get bogged down by life sometimes and I forget about my  health. On top of that I fill my body with junk and I'm not just talking about junk food. I'm talking about negative thoughts too. Too... Continue Reading →

|Being Healthy|

I wanted to take a minute to explain my vision for this blog. This blog will talk about my journey to being healthy. Although, sometimes it will talk about eating healthy and my weight loss, it will be so much more than that! I will be writing about ways to be healthy not only with... Continue Reading →


I’m crumbling into a heap, there’s nowhere to go, nowhere to turn to, no one who cares. I can’t escape these voices, they’re taking over my mind telling me no one wants to help, and no one cares. “Why do you even bother, why do you try? You can’t do anything right, you’re nothing.” Blow... Continue Reading →

|Pumpkin Patch|

As Gabe gets older, we are able to do new and more things. This weekend Gabe got to experience his first pumpkin patch with his best friend (his cousin). It may have been freezing outside, thanks to the wind. However, the boys had a blast. Who would have thought that a five and two year... Continue Reading →

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