|Goals, Goals, Goals|

Part of my goals for 2020 were to do devotions. I've been slacking at these a bit and I really need to refocus and get back to them. These are the books that I chose to do my devotions on for the first of the year. In June I will choose new books of the... Continue Reading →

|A New Mind Set|

I really enjoy keeping a log of everything I do. It helps me 1) to stay accountable and 2) I can look back and see which meals I felt hungry on and which ones filled me up. I also like to keep track of my exercises so I can see how many calories I'm burning.... Continue Reading →

|My Word For 2020|

I think it comes to no surprise that my word for 2020 is grow. I've worked hard these past couple of month creating and evolving into a healthier and happier me. I want to be able to continue this into 2020. I want to continue to grow as a person. I want to become even more... Continue Reading →

|Let Your Worries Fall Away|

Lay your head down in my lap, and let your worries fall away. I’ll run my fingers through your hair, and try to soothe away your fears. I know your struggles make you sad, and you find it hard to bare your soul. Just know that I am here for you, even when you’re not... Continue Reading →


With 2020, just around the corner I wanted to take some time to write out my goals for the next year. I'm really excited about what's in store and I'm excited to be giving myself the opportunity to grow. I'm focusing on three areas faith, health, and personal growth. The first area is my faith... Continue Reading →

|What Changed?|

I had someone recently ask me when I decided to start my fitness journey and what helped me decide to do it. The first answer is simple I decided in October, that I was just going to buckle down and become healthy. If we are being honest though, I was pretty sure it would only... Continue Reading →

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