|Embrace the Journey|

Gabriel and I went for our Sunday walk this past weekend and that little munchkin taught me a few things. As we were walking he was finding rocks he liked and kept putting them in his pockets. At one point in the walk he looked at me and said, “I tired, you hold me.” I tried to reason with him img_3513would be less tired, if he put the rocks down. Like most toddlers he didn’t agree with such logic and had to keep his rocks because they were his and he wanted them. I ended up compromising with him and I would carry him some and then he would walk some. This got me thinking, how often to we pick up things in our daily life that simply aren’t ours to pick up and then they end up weighing us down, but we refused to let go. We found them and we made them our thing for what ever reason. I don’t care how pretty or great it seems… if you are not adding to your life in a positive way put it back down and let it go. Don’t let it weigh you down and tire you out anymore.

The second thing I took away, is after I would put Gabe down, he would start running and say, “I go faster!” Only to stop a few seconds later and want to be held again. Now obviously he’s about to be three and this was a game to him and also just a way for us to engage with each other during our walk as he would want me to run with him. However, it got me thinking how often do we try to go faster and rush our journey? We are so set on the end result, we don’t take time to enjoy the journey that got us there. I don’t know about you, but I know for me when I focus so much on the end result; that is when I become frustrated and start the negative talk of not being good enough or getting results fast enough. This is so detrimental to your soul. Enjoy your journey, embrace your struggles and your achievements and everything in between. It’s all important for your growth as a person.

You are worthy and so worth loving. So, set down the negative self talk and the other things you pick up that weigh you down. Let them go. Enjoy your journey and appreciate every step you take to get you where you want to go. You are worth it.


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