|Life Update|

I had one of the best weekends in a long time. It was full and crazy but so much fun. My kiddo and I spent the morning walking a mile at a local park. We took moments out during the walk to take a couple of pictures and test out my new lens for my camera. Y’all I love this kid so much! I enjoy taking him on walks with me, and watching him experience new things. I love watching him say goodnight to the moon and stars and how excited he gets when he sees them. We also went to another park so little man could do his favorite thing and swing. Seriously, this kid could swing for hours, lol.

Here’s a little update on my weight loss journey: Last week I started getting up to go work out at the gym before work. I wasn’t sure how well this would work out because I’m not a morning person and I covet my sleep. Haha. Anyways, I really love it. I like the fact there aren’t many people in the gym at 5am. I workout for an hour, come home and shower and make it to work by 8. I feel so accomplished before I even start my work day! It has also helped my sleep a lot. I feel as if I’m going to bed at better times at night and I am getting the rest I need. I got a little off course on my clean eating, but have done pretty well going back to meal prepping and eating right. There’s not much else to say about my weight loss journey at the moment! However, tonight on the leg press machine I hit 300 lbs. that was exciting!

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