| Changing My Mindset |

• I have lost 41 lbs.
• I have gone down 2 shirt sizes.
• I have gone down 3 pant sizes.
• I feel better.
• I move better.
• I breathe better.

…but I still struggle. I still struggle to see the progress when I look in the mirror. I still struggle to believe all the things I have accomplished in the last four months. Some days I struggle to get through my work out, heck some days I struggle to even push play. I struggle with doubt in my mind. I know I have done amazing things in these past four months. I know my body has changed. But there are some days I struggle to feel this and believe it.

I looked in the mirror today and felt like there was no change. All I can see is that tummy that still sticks out a little too far for my liking. I can’t see or feel any of the other progress I have made. It can be so defeating if I let my mind stay there. However, these are days I must blast worship music and find my center. I must push through the lies, that linger in my mind and remember that I have worked my butt off to get where I am and I’m doing well. I am human and I struggle. Even with all the goals I’ve hit and all the success I have had so far. I still struggle and that’s okay, because at the end of the day I will pick myself up and go forward.

I wanted to share this because if you struggle like I do, I want you to know you aren’t alone. I want you write out every success you’ve had during your health journey and celebrate it! You can even email them to me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram and I will celebrate with you.

It’s okay to struggle, but don’t live in that mind set. You are doing great and you feel amazing, you just have to keep going!

Learn to truly love yourself.
You are worth it!

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