|A New Mind Set|

I really enjoy keeping a log of everything I do. It helps me 1) to stay accountable and 2) I can look back and see which meals I felt hungry on and which ones filled me up. I also like to keep track of my exercises so I can see how many calories I’m burning. Of course I use the Fitbit app and MyFitnessPal App, but I just enjoy seeing it on paper as well. So, shout out to my co-worker Makayla for making these for me. Everyone keeps asking me what I did to lose the 25 lbs. I have lost so far, so, I guess I will share it with who ever reads this.

  • First, I got in the right mindset. I chose to start this healthy lifestyle change because it was finally something I wanted and not because someone was selling it.
  • Second, I promised myself that I wouldn’t look at food as good or bad. I wouldn’t have cheat days, and I would detach all negative emotions when it came to food. This way I wouldn’t feel ashamed for what I ate.
  • Then I stopped drink soda, I honestly pretty much stopped drinking everything besides water, because I had been lacking it for so long. Every once in awhile I will have an Iced Tea or lemonade or something, but mostly just water, with flavor.
  • I started meal prepping this was huge for me! I often never wanted to cook when I got home from work so I ate fast food all the time. Now, I rarely eat fast food and my dinner takes ten minutes to warm up or put together most nights. It’s wonderful.
  • I also started eating a lot of meats and veggies. I didn’t go totally keto, because if I did the weight would come back when I started adding extra things. I do try to eat pretty clean foods, and keep the processed food to a minimun to none if I can.
  • I walk every day. I started out at just twenty minutes a day and now I’m up to about 40-60 minutes. Walking is so easy and as long as your are moving you are burning calories.
  • I just recently added work outs every day but Sunday to go along with my walks.exercise

As you can see they aren’t terrible. They do make me work up a sweat and I definitely feel it in my muscles after the kettlebell work out. This is what I’ve been doing and will continue to do until about February, then I plan on getting BeachBody on Demand and adding those work outs into my routine to mix things up a bit. As you can see I started out slowly and made small changes and went from there. I like to keep things changing so my body won’t get used to things and stop me from losing weight. I also just like trying new things because I am one of those weird people that love change! I hope this helps. My biggest advice is this: Just be ready to make the lifestyle change and be consistent. No matter what keep at it!

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