|Working Through Struggles|

9a2e7f5b-50ab-46cf-b573-7402891c8bb5Loving yourself into health is a journey. Sometimes you will reach landmarks and sometimes you will stumble, but most importantly you just need to keep going. Last week, was a rough week for me. I’ll be honest I came up with a lot of excuses, like it was too cold to walk, or I didn’t want to do this work out in front of people. I hit like a brick wall and I was just annoyed and frustrated. Then yesterday I took my son to the mall and we walked around for a couple of hours and then I came home and walked another thirty minutes. I was slacking on my meal prep so today I wrote out a list so I could be ready for the rest of this week when it comes to my meals and eating. I could have thrown in the towel, which is something I would have done in the past, but not this time. This time I will keep going. This time I’m not trying for results in becoming a certain way, but I’m striving to be in love with taking care of my body and my mind.

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