|Make It a Habit|

Three weeks. That’s how long I’ve been at this new life change. Three weeks of no drinking soda and only driimg_2151nking water with an iced tea here or there. Three weeks of trying to get at least five days of walking in. Three weeks of prepping my meals. You guys don’t know how much of a feat this is for me, because 1) I hate cooking and 2) I just couldn’t be bothered to plan one meal in the past, let alone a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week. However, here I am and I’m doing it. I haven’t had fast food in three weeks, except for Subway, which I eat once a week on my late night at work. I’m so proud of myself, so very much proud of myself. I created the habit of becoming healthy by eating and drinking healthy and moving my body. So here is to the next 69 days and turning this into a lifestyle and not just a habit. I will say some days are a little tough. Some days when it is super cold out, I would rather be sitting in a nice comfy chair with a huge blanket! I don’t though, I get bundled up and go out and walk. It is becoming so therapeutic to me and I love that. I love the fact that I am able to exercise and it’s helping me mentally as well! Three weeks of dedication is all it took for me to start building endurance and feeling better. In three weeks I’ve dropped 14 lbs! Here’s to the next three weeks and feeling even better.

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