|Toxicity – Don’t Put Up With It|

img_2061Here’s a simple tip: You do not have to keep toxic people in your life for any reason! It does not matter if they were once a friend or if they are family. If they are toxic and only bring negativity to your life then cut them out of it. You deserve to have your mental and spiritual health at peace. I know it can be so hard to cut people out of your life. Often they will play the victim and try to manipulate you into keeping them around, but are those the people you want to surround yourself with? You deserve people who are going to show up and love you when you feel unlovable. People who are going to support you, care for you, pray for you, hug you when there are no words to be said, you deserve people who bring positivity to your life. So, don’t be afraid to grow and don’t feel guilty or ashamed for cutting out toxic people in your life, people who only bring you down. You deserve a peace of mind.

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