|No Excuses|

I’m probably the queen of excuses, which is why being healthy can be a challenge for me. I’m quick to talk myself out of things and allow my mind to get the best of me. However, I’m happy to report that didn’t happen today! img_2047I showed up and did my thirty minute walk in the pouring down rain. It would have been so easy to skip a day, or push it off until tomorrow but I knew I didn’t want to do that. So, I got on my sneakers and turned up my music and went on my way. I’m so proud of myself, because in the past I would have pushed it off and then stopped completely. But if I’m being honest, I am tired of starting over! So here is to today, and here is showing up when it would have been so easy to just not show up and not complete my walk. In the past six days, I have walked five of them for twenty minutes or more and that for me is huge! I’ve cut out soda and have been drinking water, and I’ve been doing pretty good at eating healthy and counting calories. An area I need to work on now is sleeping better, however, I have realized that since I’ve been eating healthier and drinking a lot of water, that I still feel energized during my day despite the lack of sleep I have been getting. I’ve learned over the years, those excuses might give you a moment of happiness, but they pause and mess up your results. They rob you from being truly satisfied and healthy!


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