|My Two Year Old|


I went in for my doctor’s appointment on March 27th, 2017 to see how Gabe was growing in my womb. We were 38 weeks along. At that appointment my blood pressure was pretty high and with having gestational diabetes, my doctor didn’t want to take any chances, so we were sent to OB to be induced. I was excited and nervous, however, Gabe was not ready to come and we were sent home two days later, with no baby. I should have known then, that he would have my stubbornness and attitude. I was annoyed and upset, I had went through a couple of days of contractions and no sleep and we were going home with no baby and to top it off the doctor put me on bed rest until Gabe decided to make his appearance. I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of not being able to do much, until this beautiful boy decided to come was not on my to do list. Sunday, April 2nd rolled around, we decided we would go out to dinner one last time before welcoming baby Gabe into the world. I remember curling my hair and feeling something drip down my leg. I called my mom (who was an hour away) because when in doubt you call mom. She told me I needed to hang up and get to the hospital, so that’s what I did. I called Gary and was like I think it’s show time. We got to the hospital and the nurse promised me, that this time we wouldn’t be leaving the hospital without a baby. I don’t remember much of laboring through the night, because the epidural was amazing and I slept. My doctor came in, in the morning and said he wasn’t happy with the way Gabe’s heart rate dropped whenever I had a contraction so we would be doing a C-section. Let me just say that was an experience. The only thing I could feel was my mom holding my hand, and my lungs rising and falling in my chest and let me tell you, I never want to feel that again lol. Gabe came out of the womb crying and it was the greatest sound ever. I can’t even begin to explain the wave of emotions that washed over me when I held him for the first time, it’s a feeling I don’t think I could ever forget.


Gabe’s first year of life was quite the adventure. Watching him learn where his hands were and his toes. The love he had for Moana, this kid at like 3 months would watch the whole movie so intently. He ate baby food for about two weeks, until his bottom and top teeth came in (all around the same time!) and then he wanted the good stuff. He still eats off our plates when his becomes empty lol. He crawled at nine months and once he learned that he was off and so proud of himself. He learned to say dada and only mama when he was upset or sad. He learned to smile for the first time, and the first time we heard his giggle it was definitely magical. Gabe’s first year of life, was us learning that he loves swinging, he hates the feel of grass. He does not like his hands dirty and will wipe his mouth off if it gets too dirty. (hence his look on his face in this picture). Life with this gem in the first year was full of snuggles, hugs, and lots of kisses from us to him.


Gabe turns two today. He has outgrown his baby look, and is rocking the big boy toddler look. He has added many words to his vocabulary like, kitty, doggy, fluffy, stuck, go, truck, car, and bye-bye. He’s almost 3ft tall and weighs about 28 lbs. He’s always smiling, unless he just woke up for a nap or you tell him no. He has his mama’s temper, (Lord, help us all, but mostly me!) He enjoys learning new things, he started walking one day, and that turned into running from us when we call his name. He’s completely independent and just likes to play and learn things on his own. He loves his rainboots, tries to wear them every where he goes, but sometimes he’ll trade them in for his sneakers that light up. He loves to go bye-bye. He gives the best squeezes. He will blow you kisses and that’s about his extent of giving kisses. When we snuggle sometimes he will put his hands on my cheek and bring his forehead to my lips for kisses. He will also grab my hand and put it on his chest and hug it with his hands. He is the sweetest kid when he wants to be. He knows he is cute and uses it that to get away with things. I’m so excited to see where this next year takes us and what new things Gabe will learn.


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