There are moments in this life,
that will take you by surprise.
These moments will leave you feeling
drained, worthless, and in pieces.
The weight of the pain you carry
is crippling and soul crushing.

These moments change you,
they bring false feelings of being
unworthy, inadequate, and unloved.
The lies and shame creep in your mind,
you build the walls around your heart
guarding it the only way you know how.

It’s in these moments although hard at times
you pick up the pieces and you grow.
The weight of the pain starts to subside,
and all the lies you believed start to fade.
Slowly, oh so slowly you begin to heal
and one by one your walls begin to fall.

That moment that was unbearable and crippling,
becomes a distant memory and you begin again…
Because there are moments in life that take your breath away
these moments come when you least expect them
and you start to believe that you are worthy
and so worth loving. You are enough.



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