We tend to be our own worst critics. 2018 was a hard year for me. I wasn’t very nice to myself to say the least. My word for last year was healing, and I did a lot of healing, but I also went through a lot of hurts. Some of my hurt was caused by others and some was caused by my own doing.  I found this quote the other day..


This is my plan for 2019. I want to forgive myself, because the good Lord knows, I’m going to mess up and do things I know I shouldn’t and I will need to forgive myself so I can move on from it. I want to accept myself. I am who I am, there are things I can change and there are some things I can’t change. Instead of hating or bashing myself for these things, I want to embrace them and I want to love myself greater than I ever have before.

This year for 2019, I picked the word Courage. I want to have courage in myself, and whoimg_0897 God called me to be. To have the courage to put my faith in Him, and follow the plans He has laid out for me. It’s not always easy when we hand over control, but it’s definitely worth it. The Bible says over and over, “Do not be afraid” but that’s exactly what I’ve been; afraid of not being enough, not being good enough, not loving enough, not (fill in the blank) enough. But that changes this year… my prayer is that I find the courage to believe that I am enough and that I break through the bondages that tell me different.



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