|Here I Stand|

Here I stand staring down the long road,
feeling exhausted, broken, and lonely
but I’m here, still standing
still believing in all Your promises.

When I am weary and burdened,
and have lost all hope, You are there.
When I start to stumble and lose strength,
You are there, renewing my spirit.

When I’m broken, You raise my chin up,
binding and healing my wounds that run deep.
When I begin to doubt, You are there
speaking absolute truth into my life.

When I feel alone, You are there
wrapping me up in Your grace and mercy.
When I doubt, You are there,
reminding me how much I am loved.

I will walk this journey in truth
feeling renewed, healed, and blessed.
Though the storm fiercely rages on,
I will stand firm in Your promises.

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