|You Are my God in This Seasons|

In this season I am broken and hurting;
my heart aches and my mind is weary.
I praise Your name, and trust in Your word
but I’m struggling to find joy and peace;
and understanding in this trial.

Help me Lord, please heal this broke heart,
and to find rest in You, so I may not be weary.
Help me through this journey of loneliness and pain,
walk with me through this season in my life.
Helping me find joy and peace, even when it’s hard.


You are the God, who makes all things new,
the God who brings joy, with the mornings.
You are the God of second and third chances.
You are the God who heals the broken hearted,
and binds up all their wounds.


I praise you because I am made in Your image,
because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Though, this season is filled with brokenness
I will trust in Your truth and promises.
I will praise You with a new song.


You are my God and You are my Father
in you I will find peace and comfort.
I will find the strength I need in You,
to make it through the night, and find the joy
I’ve been longing for in the morning.

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