|He Calls Me Mama|


It’s the way he lights up when I open my eyes in the morning. He gives me that toothy grin before he comes in strong with a headbutt to the chest. Because he hasn’t quite figured out how to give hugs.IMG_8714 That smile he gets when I walk in the door after work, so happy I’m home and it’s snuggle time. It’s the way he mimics me when we blow kisses and cluck our tongues. It’s the way he says mama (even if it’s only when he’s mad or crying). It is the way he makes different facial expressions when trying new things. This smile, this face says it all. This is my baby boy, my little blessing and he calls me mama.

I have watched this little boy grow so much this past year. I didn’t want to do the typical 1-year pictures, so we didn’t. We took pictures of his first time at the park. Which I think I will enjoy so much more as he grows! This little boy looks like his daddy, but has the personality of his mama ( Lord, help us!) He lights up my life, and he calls me mama.

I’m excited to see what this next year brings. What new things will Gabriel learn? How will his first family vacation go? When will he learn to walk? When will he said, mama, when he’s not upset or sad? How much more attitude can this kid get? What will his first words be beside mama and dada? How terribly terrific will he get by 2? I can’t wait to see all these questions unfold! But the most important question is… When will he like to be out in the grass?


A special thanks to Patricia at Wanderlust Photography for taking these precious photos. Gabriel is a ham and he ate up all the attention! All these pictures were done by Patricia, except for the last picture in the post of Mr. Grumps on the grass! (Doesn’t he look like a grumpy old man? lol).


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  1. He is such a sweetheart! I can see so much of your husband in him, they do look a lot alike! I’m glad he had a great time at the park and you are such a great mama to him.

    PS – I can’t believe how big he’s grown!! I remember when you were still pregnant with him! Time needs to seriously slow down…


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