|A Mother’s Love|

You held me when I was younger,
Comforting me, in your safe arms.
You had sleepless nights
Aggravating mornings and
Afternoons that seem to last forever.
And I had a mother’s love.

As I grew, I became a terrible two,
Getting into everything and anything
As long as your back was turned, it was fair game.
You would sigh and give me that look,
But no matter what I did,
I still had a mother’s love.

I turned six and daddy’s little girl I was.
I smiled, and he would give me my way.
You just shook your head,
Because in your heart,
You knew I had something more,
I had a mother’s love.

Ten years old, feeling special
I hit those double digits
I knew it all.
You would laugh when I told you how it was.
But soon I would know it all,
Because I had a mother’s love.

Thirteen, boy oh boy.
I wasn’t daddy’s girl anymore.
I was lost, confused, and hurt.
I took it all out on you.
But you forgave me,
And blessed me with a mother’s love.

Sixteen and your little girl is off dying her hair,
Hanging with friends in youth.
You hope and pray you’ve raised her good.
Teaching her wrong and right.
But most of all, you hope she never forgets
Her mother’s love.

Your little girl is now eighteen,
Walking across that graduation stage,
You’ve never been as happy as you are now.
You think back to when she was born,
When all you could give her was
A mother’s love

Your little girl is nineteen
She has learned a lot,
She has fallen and gotten back up.
She has her dreams,
And they wouldn’t have been possible without
A mother’s love.

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, here is a poem I wrote my mom a little over ten years ago! I was and am blessed to have such a great role model! To have a mama who shows me how to be strong, courageous, humble, hospitable, and loving no matter what the circumstances! I thank God every day for you, and because of you, I know how to be a mama to my little guy!




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