|When Your Personality​ Doesn’t Seem Like Enough.|

We are all human right? And because we are all human we want nothing more than to be loved. We want our friends to love us, we want our family to love us, and we want someone special to love us. But what happens when you don’t feel like your personality will be enough, for someone to love?

I think we all know what I’m talking about our self-image. How we view ourselves and how we believe others view us. I know that when talking about looks and personality, it is easy to make excuses and statements like, “Well, it’s easy for her to talk about personality being important she’s skinny.” Or “He just says personality is important to make himself feel better because he’s bigger.” Why do we put up with this? Why do we compare ourselves to others? I believe this is one of the greatest footholds the enemy has on us. It is so easy for us to fall into despair when it comes to our looks! Let me just say, that not one person is completely and 100% happy with their looks. There is always something that someone wants to change, so stop comparing yourself to other people.

Let’s look at a few points to remember when we feel like our personality doesn’t seem like enough. Hopefully, these things will help you see your self-worth and you can hold on to these promises.

  • You were created in God’s Image. 

It says right in the Bible “So God created mankind in his own image in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) If God created you in His image, then I have to believe that He also created someone (who is also created in His image) that would match up to you personality wise. Their weaknesses would be your strengths and your weaknesses their strengths. You would compliment each other.

  • God knit you together in your mother’s womb. He made you fearfully and wonderfully.

This honestly also goes with the first bullet. God took His time to knit you in your mother’s womb. He knew what your gifts would be; He knew what talents you would have. He made you the way that you are, and you are special. So, why would you think your personality is not enough?

  • How do you think God feels when you shame yourself?

This is quite honestly something that stops me dead in my tracks when I say negative things about myself. I know God created me in His image; I know He knit me together in my mother’s womb, so why and how could I shame myself? Also, why should I let other people’s opinion of me get me down?

When your personality doesn’t seem like enough, remember that you are a child of God. Created by Him, and in His image. Yes, when we find a significant other we need to find them attractive and they need to find us attractive. However, I have learned that the more you get to know someone the more attractive they become.


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