2d4a58c7-43f3-4d97-b07f-1a5504284e87I wanted to take a minute to explain my vision for this blog. This blog will talk about my journey to being healthy. Although, sometimes it will talk about eating healthy and my weight loss, it will be so much more than that! I will be writing about ways to be healthy not only with my body, but also my mind and soul. I’ve learned in my short time of this earth, that mental and spiritual health are just as important as physical health. I want to share things that have helped me in the past, things that are helping me now, and things I am thinking about trying. This isn’t only a journey to be healthy, but also a journey for me to continue building my self-confidence and self-love. As I start this journey I have realized that I have old wounds that have  not healed as much as I wish they had. I’m learning that growth can be  painful, but it’s still a beautiful thing. This quote to my left, if my  mission plan for right now. I want to fall in love with who I am,  because even though I don’t always feel like it, I’m pretty awesome.  Here’s my first exercise, look in the mirror and pick out four things  you like about yourself. They don’t have to be big things, they just  need to be about you! Do this at least 2-3 times a week, and then begin  to do it more often. The more you can pick out things about yourself  that you like/love the closer you will come to realizing you are  amazing. You were created on purpose for a purpose and only you can fulfill that purpose. You are important, you are worthy, and you are most definitely loved.


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